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Evidence Based Practice

Step 1: Asking an Answerable Question and Identifying Keywords

The five steps in this tutorial are designed to walk you through the process of evidence-based practice. This initial version just provides a framework to help you think through your question, find the evidence, review it and apply it. Future versions will provide "help" through interactive responses and links to other resources in areas which are identified by your feedback. Once you are familiar with the process, you may use the tools without the whole tutorial process. Upon completion of the Evidence-Based Practice Tutorial you will receive 1 CME Credit. In addition, those who are participating in the accompanying research project can refer one search for the evidence to the librarians at the University of Washington Health Sciences Library for each tutorial completed. We suggest that you do one a month for one year to become facile with the process.

Some Background information...

integration of individual clinical expertise, best available systematically reviewed evidence from research and relevant population data with patient preferences at the time of clinical decision-making (Sackett DL et al. BMJ 1996; 312:71-72)

This is different than the theoretical concept of EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE which requires access to primary research literature, critical appraisal skills, extended time for synthesis and review. This process is suitable for guideline and policy development, not point of care decision-making.

The steps in EBP include
I – Asking an Answerable Question and Identifying Keywords

II – Searching for Evidence in Secondary Sources III – Evaluating, Interpreting and Summarizing the Evidence IV – Applying Evidence to the Care of Your Patient

Begin working on Step 1: Asking an Answerable Question and Identifying Keywords.

When you are finished with Step 1, click here to continue on with Step 2.