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Family Medicine Research Externship
Fact Sheet


General Information

The Family Medicine Research Externship provides a stipend of $2,800 for eight weeks, funded by the Foundations of the Washington State and American Academies of Family Physicians.

The program is intended for students in the University of Washington School of Medicine. Some funds may be restricted to projects connected with Washington State.

Externship studies usually meet the III (Independent Investigative Inquiry) requirement of the UW School of Medicine. If you have completed the III requirement, you may also do an Externship without further III Committee approval.

Externship studies usually involve the collection and analysis of original data, or in-depth analysis of secondary data. The student must make substantial intellectual contributions to the investigation. Students may either design an independent study, or work in an established program of research.

The most important and time-consuming part of research is the planning process. Please start as early as possible. It is the student's responsibility to secure a faculty sponsor and produce the study proposal. If the study involves information about humans in any form, the student must secure Human Subjects approval prior to contacting any subjects.

Most students elect to do the externship over the summer between their first and second years of medical school. It may be done at any time your schedule allows 8 weeks of full time work.

Externships will be awarded after review of applications with consideration to the following criteria:

Externship Program Requirements

Secure a faculty sponsor associated with the UW Department of Family Medicine. You may have other cosponsors. Students may consider having a community-based sponsor and a University-based sponsor to provide complementary expertise.

Secure UW Human Subjects approval, if applicable for your study.

Secure UW-SOM III Committee approval, if you intend to meet the III requirement with the Externship study.

Complete the training required for UW student investigators:

Devote eight weeks of full time effort to your proposed study (or the equivalent approved by your sponsor).

Attend periodic Externship meetings, approximately 4 over summer.

Make a formal study presentation at the Carmel meeting of the Western Medical Student Research Forum. This annual meeting is held in Carmel, CA, usually in February. The Dean's Office, UW-SOM, pays for travel expenses.

Submit a written study report by the first day of Autumn Quarter.

For more information contact:

Dr. William R. Phillips, MD, MPH
Mr. Lee Robison
Department of Family Medicine
Health Sciences E-304
Box 356390
University of Washington, Seattle, WA   98195
(206) 542-9425

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